beachchair blender tourqoise pink and sky
rush of water past my boat slip slip into soft island time sunlight ray swims past my mask reading paperbacks as I bask in depths of blue at eighty feet flickering fish catch the light just right as I swim swim through tunnels dark as nightlife dining crickets song and gecko chirps mingle with (panty)ripping sounds of punta and laughter here abounds we happy lovers pass the church afternoon adventure is a Satan search in golf carts that bounce and lurch as iguanas rumble into brush the basilisk more in a rush to find a shady palm to sleep: bliss is called a hammock here a lazy dog stops to scrach his ear in the road on downtown street where people walk in bare feet dawn comes early our boat arrives dashing fast we see our lives in history of ancient times Mayan ghosts sing from the trees howler monkeys fulfill the needs of godlike trees that hide this place and meet the seas with handshaking rivers snaking snaking through mangrove reeds. This is the place where my heart will live my soul finds this place with simple ease
home is here in my Belize.


Casa Picasso celebrated three yearsthis May, thanks to all of you!
Chris and Jen