Hey all...Daylon here in Belize...everything's great.

Day One:

We took off from DFW in Dallas to Miami, then to Belize City. The plane from Belize city to San Pedro truly redefines the concept of 'puddle jumper'. (It was a Cessna 172 - 6 seater!)

Weather is perfect, only a few clouds - no real wind. Apparantly the wind had been blowing rather heavily lately, but we missed it.

Anyhoo...we check into Banana Beach about 2pm and the power had gone out! Luckily, the chilled Cosmopolitan martini's at El Divino were in full swing, so we hung out on the patio and sipped on those and had some gourmet pizza.

As luck would have it, the power came back on in an hour or so, so we hopped into a golfcart and decided to check things out.

We had Belikins at BC's, Fido's, and Sharks Bar (I think) before making our way down to Amigos Del Mar to check out the diving situation.

They had a night dive to Shark Ray Alley, so I jumped on it.

Picture this - full moon, perfect seas and great diving. I hope the pictures turn out. Saw 7 foot moray eels, TONS of huge sea eagle rays (talking 4+ feet across), giant green parrot fish (easily 60lbs), and had a nurse shark (7-8 foot) literally swim up and kiss me. She swam right at me and passed probably 1-2 inches from my mask. Keeping my bowels in check (she had me worried for a second there) we finished the dive spotting lobster, huge crabs, tarpon.. Great dive and the guys from Amigos del Mar are great!

Back from the dive, I met up with my friends back at BB, had a couple of more martinis, then headed off to Jambels for some dinner.

Coconut Curry chicken, Jamaican me Crazy shrimp, and some sort of sauteed conch dish. All were great!

After that it was Wet Willy's and Big Daddy's for some dancing - great start to the trip.

Day 2:

I woke up early today, headed down to Cafe Ole (right accross from the Airport) for some french toast and coffee.

Took some fresh fruit and water / coffee back to the friends at the hotel, of course they're still sleeping. How can you possibly stay in your hotel when you're in BELIZE for friggin sake?!?

Anyhoo - it's 10:30am here at the internet cafe - I'm off for some more random exploring... day 2.5 report tomorrow.

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