Day 5
Wednesday - Another day of mostly lazing on the beach, with periodic visits next door to the Squirrels Nest bar for some libations. Lunch for some of us was a short trek down the beach to Rico's. It was windy yet again, and one menu decided to take flight and nearly added to the bruise collection but was caught before it whacked someone in the head. The enchiladas were tasty and the fish burritos were a hit. So were the big pina coladas which were decadently creamy. We all went to get showered and cleaned up around 6, though your hair looks like crap within 10 minutes of leaving the room due to the wind. I don't think there is such a thing a a good hair day on AC!

We hopped on our golf carts to go to the Pier House for the world famous chicken drop. It was an interesting one for sure as the lady who volunteered to take the chicken out of the basket and blow on its butt, chose to do a little more than that and as the whole crowd cringed in disgust she declared herself to be a “canine proctologist”. Needless to say I doubt I have to get any more descriptive on what she did to the poor chicken!!!!!! The lady from the Pier House was just as grossed out as the rest of us as that was the first time she'd seen that happen! I don't care if that woman was a vetinarian (though our friend Scott thought she said Vegetarian and promptly responded "you mean you don't eat meat?") but she should have kept her fingers to herself in public.. ok, maybe that doesn't sound right either..

Anyway, the first round the chicken splatted big time between 4 squares, none of which were ours (happily by the looks of the splat). Poor chicken was probably traumatized by the impromptu proctologist exam! Round 2 our friend Maria was the chicken dropper, and my friend Pam and I won when it hit between one of our squares and someone elses. I gave Pam the honor of cleaning it up since I'd done that last year though! Afterwards we went next door to Caliente for another great dinner. Love those flautas! Then we made the short trek down the beach to Wet Willies / Dockside for Ladies night. It was relatively quiet when we first got there but soon became pretty packed with folks dancing to the music. After a few hours of that we walked down the beach to Big Daddys, which was pretty dead that night, so after another drink and getting bottles of water for some rehydration we headed back home for the night.

Day 6
Thursday – Slept in after a late night, you have to put a pillow over your head to sleep past sunrise though as the light comes streaming in the room and its illuminated as bright as if you are outside. I wish there was a “do not disturb” sign I could use as the maid wakes me up for the third morning in a row and I have to trot over to the door to ask her to come back after 10. Eventually I give up, take the pillow off my head and get up to start another day of lazing on the beach. Since my boyfriend had gotten up at first light, he'd already eaten breakfast so I went to lunch with Sassan from our group at El Divino. It felt a bit odd sitting in my bathing suit, shorts and no shoes inside the somewhat formal restaurant. The food was good though, I tried the pot roast and he had the chicken sandwich and we both liked our meals. Service was a tad lacking as the waitress / snail didn't seem to get it that when a water glass is empty, refilling it would be a good idea! We've learned that at most restaurants on AC it's a good idea to ask for the check as soon as you get your meal, so that you can get back to the beach before dark. After lunch it was back to lazing on the beach until about 5, when the shade surpassed the beach space. So we decided it was our day to go and see Satan. For those who don't know, Satan is the massive Salt Water Crocodile that lives in the lagoon by the water tower. We went down there, and found several other golf carts of folks already there plus some locals. Some folks had brought raw chicken with them to feed the crocs. There was a little croc that they were feeding and then that one left when a much bigger croc appeared. We thought that one was Satan until we saw another big one coming from the distance. The two big crocs watched as one local threw an entire chicken to the waters edge. The new one seemed to be a bit larger and was obviously the more dominant one since he crawled part way out of the lagoon to consume the entire chicken. Show over, it was back to the hotel to get cleaned up and go to dinner.

We met in the El Divino bar to decide where to go. Being hungry 5 of us decided we didn't want to wait around for the rest of our group plus 6 others who wanted to go with us.. so we told them we'd meet at Jaguars if we didn't hook up at the same restaurant. We decided to try Elvis since we hadn't been there yet. Our friend Dan wasn't feeling too good so didn't enjoy his meal. The rest of us liked ours and were shocked that the service was actually fast! After dinner we went to Jaguars and found out the main bar wasn't open till 9:30 so we decided to hang at their outside bar until then. The bartender taught us this dice gambling game which was fun, maybe cause I won it 3 out of the 4 rounds we played. TexasBug (Debbie) and her husband and brother-in-law showed up with the rest of our group plus Jackie and our Arizona adoptees, Deedra and Darren. The main Jaguars opened and we went in. It seemed odd that they charged a cover charge for karaoke night. Paying to hear yourself sing just doesn't seem right! Some of our group signed up to sing, Sassan did Copacobana, Darren did Scorpions and Monte did Whip it (plus aided some tone deaf Canadians with Paradise by the Dashboard light). Monte and I did our usual “Love Shack” though I had lost most of my voice earlier that week. We decided to head out once it turned into disco night and the smothering fog machines came on. We thought we'd see if the Hideaway was still open but it wasn't so we continued home to Banana Beach for the night since we had to be up early to go with Seaduced again the next day.

To be continued....
Andrea in Atlanta

Andrea in Atlanta