I hope you don't mind my asking, but why gas cart over electric? The electric carts are much friendlier to the environment especially from a noise perspective? Gas powered vehichles of any type are sort of against the grain (sandy beaches, grains of sand, ha, a little humor; very little I know), so to speak. Meaning they obscure the natural beauty and natural sounds of our island like the sea, the birds, the palm and banana trees as they sway in the wind and oh yes, the silence too! A properly charged electric cart will run for days and get you anywhere on the caye accessable by carts. When it gets low just call and the cart company will bring you the next one. Just my 2 cents worth. Someone mentioned to wait till you got here and negotiate for a better price, good advise. I think Castle Carts have the most and newest gas carts if you really want one. They have an office right on the corner on front street (Barrier Reef Drive) right across from the school and Sunrise Real Estate office. There will be more than enough carts for rent just like hotels etc. Hope you have a wonderful stay and enjoy Belize!