This is an off-shute to the topic of gas powered golf carts.

Let's ask a really far out question as a thought starter.

What do you think would happen if all the tourists in the world said to Ambergris Caye that they would not come there until AC and Belize provided environmentaly safe and modern treatment and disposal of garbage and sewage, prohibited any further distruction of mangrove and dredging of the sea to manufacture land, had a moretorium on building, could provide consistant water and electricity, had roads and streets that did not produce either contaminent dust or pot holes and mud, had a sensible policy that regulated vehicles based on need and not a "who you know" policy, enforced speed and trafic laws revoking licenses of multiple offenders, had regulations that required all engines both on boats and vehicles to be maintained in order to reduce pollution and be replaced with modern low polluting engines when obsolete, have a hospital capable of providing reasonable health care, had a police department that was capable of controlling crime including a magistrate on the island at all times to effect swift legal action?

I bet we would be amazed at how fast and how much of that could and would happen if the goverment and business community were faced with that.

As I said, a really far out question. laugh