I already pay an annual fee to the town board and to Belize (not to mention worthless insurance) each year to have my golf cart. In addition I paid to get the permit to have it. I also pay real estate taxes, and for a trade license each year. In return for these things I get back very little from the town board or the govt. of Belize. That is just a fact of life here and I accept it and just move on. Lets not encourage the issue by volunteering to pay for services that should be provided already. Having said that I also want to add that I admire the chamber for trying to make the changes we need. Lets not get all Gringoed up and try to throw more money at the problem to fix it, thats what we like to do in the states. I want to remind everyone that this is Belize and not America and nobody made us come down here. If you want to live in a place like America, go back there.