SanHam, it's so nice to hear from you. You were one of the first to give me a positive review of CT. OMG, where do I begin? Everybody was extremely positive until the last couple of months. The little beasties reared their ugly heads when the major portion of money came due. First of all, the owner was nice enough to amend her normal payment arrangements to accomodate our school teacher budgets. There were 3 equal payments. I was the group leader and collected all $$$. After each payment I sent each person a receipt with amt. pd. and amt. owed. When the last payment came due people wanted to argue that they were already pd. up. I had reciepts. Next, I had gone thru Group Works at Continental for our tickets. Got a group rate of $436.90 RT. They complained about that. They complained that $100 pp for the entire week was too much money for food. $100 for 3 meals a day, drinks, appetizers, and deserts for 7 days. Then, when we got there, people compained about the rooms. I had done ALL the planning and had paid the same amt. as all the others but had said from the beginning that the only perk I wanted was the master bedroom. Well when we got there 2 of the girls in a downstairs bedrrom told me that I was going to have to switch with them. These same 2 came on at the last minute and had done nothing to get us there. Their rationale was that they had dug deep into their husbands' wallets to get to go on this trip. I informed them that was a shame, and to think all I had to do was get up out of the bed and actually go to work. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Never again.