Hello....I thought VH was wonderful. I never had any trouble with bugs there, except when I was checking out. I got a couple of bites in the lobby. I thought that was kinda funny! When I was on the golf cart I had forgotten to put OFF on and I think I got some bites on the North side of the island. VH was a bit windy, but I liked it. I never got hot and it was so cool there. I don't dive, so I guess it can be bad if you do that. My favorite place for breakfast was Ruby's---have the chicken and bean fry jack add Marie Sharp's hit sauce and then get a cinnamon bun all for the bargain price of about 2.50. I must say, VH food is pricey, but it is really nice to have breakfast around the pool. And they have homemeade yogurts that are incrdible--try the pina colada. They also have great pastries and there is a sausage factory on the island that they get there sausage from and it is fantastic! Hope this helps and have a wonderful time!