Musa made an excellent suggestion - -that is being turned into an order.
Evacuate all non-essential people off the cayes. That certainly will lower
the provision requirements.

Also -- can trucks get from Western Belize to Dangriga?? Surely the barges
can go and load from there!

Belize City might be with out roads for two weeks!!

Funny -- I made a comment to Marty last night -- send trucks of provisions
to Chetumal from the US -- we'll get the supplies to the Cayes from there.

Chetumal has no food or other provisions for sale according to my sources.

Takes to days to get 30 tons on a Semi rig down here. No big deal.

But are the roads working in Mexico??

Can anyone find out??

One last -- very important -- point!!!!

Thought the "merchants" of Chet have nothing to sell -- the Government of
Mexico is ready to help. Get some one from the Cayes to contact the Mexican

There will be no problem for provisions if we go about this intelligently.
But if we wait for Belize City to become the center of commerce again -
-that is shipping "only" from Belize City -- there may well be problems
getting provisions to the Cayes.

We have 100 sailing fishing sloops that can care 3 to 5 tons each available.

Those barges presently in Belize City can also operate out of Chetumal.

It simply takes organization!! Let's get moving. The sooner the better!!
Peter Singfield, Xaibe