a few seconds after we hung up I got a call from Kent Fuller with Bob's # (cell)and I was to call right away. He was on the roof of a
house in SP where he could get a good enough signal. He is with Charlene and there pets are fine. There house is damaged but okay. The
school is still intact but quite a mess the school yard is really torn up. He says all the trees on the island are so messed up they'll likely all
die. He said it does look like a war zone. The north end of SP was damaged severlyalong with the lagoon side. They are sooo fortunate to be
on the side of the island that they are. Their boat made it without too much damage. They have no water but there is some drinking water and
Barry is going back and forth the Belize and bringing out supplies. There are also barges up and running as well as other boats so there will be
food and water supplies going out today.So far there are 10 dead and some people still missing.
The really poor people will really be hurting for clothes and shoes since they had to abandon everything. He said that if someone wanted to
send clothes/shoes(for children-used clothes) of varying sizes that he thought there would be a pretty good rate by FedEx. It could be sent to
Robert Lee c/o TRopic Air Belize City.