Carnival announces new cruise port for Belize

It would be the largest single private investment in
the nation's history, but tonight there are more
questions than answers surrounding the
announcement of plans to build a huge new cruise
terminal near the port in Belize City. The official
unveiling came in the form of a press release issued
last night by Belize Ports Limited, which announced
that the Belizean company had reached an agreement
with Carnival Corporation, the world's largest cruise
company, to construct a pier and related facilities to
handle two mega-ships simultaneously. The cost: one
hundred million Belize dollars. Construction should
begin by year's end and be completed within eighteen
months. The implications of the project are
staggering, for many reasons. Firstly, by allowing
direct access to the mainland, the cruise port makes
Belize a far more attractive cruise destination, as it
eliminates the problems associated with tendering
passengers to and from ships anchored at sea.
Secondly, it ties Carnival--and its thirteen different
lines--to Belize for at least twenty-five years and
eliminates much of the uncertainty typically
associated with the cruise industry. Thirdly--and this
may not please everyone--it sets Belize's tourism
industry on an irreversible path of radically increased
cruise tourism. And while that path may have a
significant economic impact in some areas, like Belize
City, it will place a staggering strain on existing
tourism destinations and natural resources. And if not
handled properly, could threaten the health of the
nation's traditional overnight tourism industry, an
industry which has achieved its present vitality by
promoting Belize's pristine beauty and intimate nature
of the eco-tourism product. We wanted to hear more
about some of these issues, but Belize Ports Limited's
Luke Espat said that he would not speak until
tomorrow. we turned to the Director of
Tourism, the one official who could certainly enlighten
us on the art of the deal and its potential impact on
the Jewel. And here's where we received a shock.
Director of Tourism Tracy Taegar told News 5 she has
no knowledge of any such proposal or negotiation and
therefore could not comment on the impact such a
project would have on the Belize tourism scene. If
you're confused, join the club. Hopefully by tomorrow's
newscast we'll have a few answers.
this reeks.

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