This is another example the short term greed of many in Belize. Belize is unique in what is has to offer and should develop itís tourism industry around itís uniqueness understanding that many of the natural resources and assets that Belize has are very fragile and must be utilized in ways that will preserve them for the future. If many of these fragile assets were to be squandered, Belize would be left with little for itís people to prosper from in the long term.

I have talked with many tourists that were vacationing in Belize for a week or more, spending thousands of dollars staying in lodges, hiring tour guides and eating in restaurants only to have their vacation experiences diminished by going to Altun Ha only to find numerous buses with cruise people crawling over the ruins like ants, going to the river to cave tube only to be greeted by hoards of cruise people tubes bumping into one and other, etc.

Belize would be much better served by itís government and tourist board if they developed tourism with the primary goal of growing tourism in ways that would emphasize the long term viability of the industry and the preservation of natural resources realizing that there is a limit as to how many tourists Belize can handle without reaching the point of diminishing returns. The short term greed of getting masses of cruise passengers that spend 50 dollars that mainly goes to the cruise line and a few bus drivers to the detriment of the tourists wanting to come to Belize to vacation for a week or two is unfortunate. More is not always better.