Another way to look at it is, one tourist staying in Belize for a week spending $1000 is equal to 20 cruise passengers spending $50. And, putting twenty times less strain on the environment with that $1000 going to support all the people who rent the rooms, clean the rooms, guide them, cook for them, etc, etc. not just the cruise line and a bus driver. Oh, and the politicians getting the kick backs.

Now if one accepts the premise that Belize and itís environment can handle a finite not an infinite number of tourists before the strain on the enviornment begin to cause lasting and, in some cases, irreversible damage, not to mention the damage to Belizeís image as a pristine, eco-tourist destination, then the question of whether or not to promote mass tourism in the form of cruise passengers as opposed to attracting the tourist that comes and stays for a week or two should be a question easily answered if those given that responsibility answer it based on what is best for all of the Belizean people and not just what is best for a few in the short term.

PS: this should be a call to arms for all of you that have invested in tourism in Belize. It is your livelihood along with the future of Belize that is at stake.