On other posts it was hammered into the ground about the abundance of trash on the beaches..... I know there are people in San Pedro who work around the clock to keep it picked up, but not in all areas..... Where do you thing that trash comes from???? It's common knowledge that cruise ships dump their garbage.... It's been filmed and documented. Do you think they will stop committing this hideous crime just because Belize is touted as being a pristine eco-tourism stop? NOT!!!!! Do you think it (the trash)will get hung up in the reefs? CERTAINLY!!! Will it have an impact on the coral, the fish, and wildlife? CERTAINLY. I've already read on this board that there is a decline in the numbers of fish and rays at the snorkel stops. Boats are stacked up bow to stern. How will these places accomodate more? I understand the need for money and tourism, but why shoot yourself in the foot? I'm shocked at the ease with which this decision was made. It wasn't thought through very well at all. ByWarren, my hat is off to you once again. A pillar of wisdom. Thank you for your post.