The mistake the Belize government and some of you are making is the belief that the more people that come to Belize the better. The thinking is that more money will come in and that is all that matters. The analogy to Mexico and how it handled large increases in tourism is worth studying. What Mexico did was build the infrastructure to handle the volume of tourists before the tourists came. Putting aside for a moment the debate on how many tourists Belize can handle before it damages the ecology ( a number, by the way, I do not believe anyone in Belize government has given any thought to determining ) letís look at what level of investment Belize has made into providing the infrastructure to handle the masses of tourists it is trying to attract. Belize is a country of less than 300K people. It cannot provide adequate power and water for the population now. Hell, it has to buy itís power from Mexico. I wonít even get into the sewage and garbage disposal problems along with all the other infrastructure needs. The idea that Belize can bring in the tourists first and then worry about providing the infrastructure is laden with serious pitfalls and consequences.

Belize is experiencing record growth in overnight arrivals every month. It should concentrate on handling that which is a big enough task before it inundates the country with hundreds of thousands of cruise passengers. Good business sense dictates that you make the investment to handle the business before you bring in the business. A business that grows at a pace it can handle is much better of in the long run than one that allows growth which outpaces that ability.. Greed has itís disadvantages.