Thank you Bywarren!!!! Yes!! That's exactly what I was talking about. Could it work in Belize? Although, after reading Marty's above post, it's to late. The GIANT pier and the mass exodus of people to Belize City for day tours is a done deal. mad mad I can see the gears of greed spinning as we speak!

I hate to say this, and it grieves me deeply, but masses of tourists is not my idea of a vacation. My mother was born in St. Maarten, and a good many of my childhood trips were there to see family. It was a WONDERFUL place. I couldn't think of a place I would rather be. But mass tourism has ruined it. It's horribly overpriced, crowded, has mountains of crime now, and has lost ALL of it's true French and Dutch charm. It sickens me. I haven't been back in years. My family can't understand why we always went to Belize for a vacation when I had places to stay there available to me. On my last trip to St. Maarten, my uncle literally hired a body gaurd for me and my husband. Who wants that???? I now see Belize on the same road to ruin. So very sad. I hate having to look for somewhere else to go now......... frown frown frown