Start with Luke Espat, who like many from the first world, just wants an opportunity to become a mogul. I have to say, even though I destain cruise ship tourism (but know lots of people who are only able to make ends meet because of it), some people on the boards expect people from Belize to be more moral and protective of the environment here, than many up your way have been with their own. But we're all the same and folks in Belize also want expensive vehicles and boats, a large home here and a condo in Miami, $ to send their kids to college and themselves to Paris on vacation. Sound familiar? Belizeans can't be held up to higher standards than the rest of the developed world. And the Luke Espats of Belize will not become moguls without projects of this stature. The perceived needs of humans will supercede the environment every time. I wish the world were different, but alas, it ain't. So come now and see it before it changes.

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