Mayatravel: I also wanted to address your points about expecting Belize people to be more moral or protective of their environment. I do not know about others on the board, but my comments concerning this were in the context that Belize chose to market eco-tourism as a means of developing a tourist industry thru which itís people could prosper. The debate for me is whether attracting the cruise business will adversely effect the tourist industry that has been built in Belize and have a negative impact on the tourist industry as a whole. If the cruise business can be added and will increase the total revenues without jeopardizing the long range future of tourism in Belize, then it will be a good thing. I am just very doubtful that will be the case. I fear that trying to accommodate the numbers of tourists that is anticipated will have detrimental effect on the environment with the eventual result being that Belize loses itís attractiveness to tourists both overnight visitors and cruise visitors. To me it is not a question of Belize peoples morality or environmental concerns, rather what is the correct business decision that will give the Belize people the most opportunities now and for the future.