Bywarren: I was referring to human nature, same here as there. People want to acquire as many toys as they can. I buy mine with honest dollars. But some people don't care how they amass their funds. Corruption as well, lots more there, but easier to spot here. I get the feeling that some posters on this board are trying to hold Belize people up to a higher standard than is required of them back home. Many(I hope) well meaning back seat drivers, talking about what ought to and ought not to happen here. With very little actual insight into the people or machinations in the country. I'm happy to have serious discussions with serious people who live day in and year out in Belize. Who survive on local salaries and who pay duty on their vehicles. Who spend time with Belize people who are friends and not just their employees. You live here? One of the great debating venues is the Round Table BBQ, every Saturday, starting at noon, in the Traveler's parking lot, mile 2 on the Northern Hywy. Great collection of every day and high ranking UDP and PUP people discussing topical events. And some people disgusted with both parties. Sound familiar? Fabulous back and forth, good fun with lots of very decent, hard working people. And I don't agree that the country ever had an eco tourism plan that is now being hijacked by cruise ship development, because, they never had a plan. The BTB only recently flexed it's marketing muscles. The eco tourism moniker was cultivated by the industry itself (20) years ago. People like the Flemings at Chaa Creek, Sharon Matola at the Zoo, Rosita Arvigo with herbal medicine. People around the world read articles about their accomplishments and about Belize. I believe it was the small stakeholders in tourism who created the eco tourism industry. Then GOB under PUP ups the taxes on the industry, some of the money goes to marketing Belize as an adventure destination and viola! Cruise ships docking for diving, caving and ruins, destroying it both ecologically and aesthetically. Remember Disney's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", when they couldn't stop the buckets of water? Be careful, you might get what you sort of asked for.

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