All very good points, mayatravel. I too do not like to see people try and inflict their morals or values on others. On the other hand, I do not think it is wrong for people to engage in debate over things like the environment and any other issue that effect all people. I do not think a person’s concern for those issue needs to stop at their country’s boarder. I do not think it is an effective argument to say that just because someone else does poorly on an issue, it excuses me doing poorly. That would take us all to lowest denominator. I think the better approach is for all to look within and want to be as good as or better than the best.

I look at this debate as what decisions will be best for Belize and it’s people in the long run. I admit I do this from somewhat of a selfish viewpoint. I live in Belize about half of the year. I first came to Belize 35 years ago. I have been fortunate to have enjoyed Belize for all those years and now to be a resident and consider it a second home. I want it to retain all of the good things that attracted me to Belize and hope my children will be able to enjoy what I have. But back to my first point, I do not think anyone needs to have “credentials” to voice a concern or participate in a debate on what is good or bad for Belize.

The decision and debate on the cruise issue, like any other decision, needs to be made keeping in mind what the worse case scenario might be. I would hate to see the decision made on what I call the “gross dollar and short term greed”. It is not a question of how much money can Belize “gross” in the short term, but how much can it ”net” in the long term. Keep in mind the worse case scenario, if this cruise venture fails and damages Belize’s attraction as a tourist destination, then the cruise ships just go to another destination and Belize is left hoping it can rebuild it’s tourists industry and that it was not damaged beyond repair. The stakes are higher for Belize.

I think these will be important decisions for Belizeans, and I am glad that there are non-Belizeans
who care enough to engage in the debate.

PS: I guess after saying all that, I could have just said, "It is all in how you look at it. It is either someone sticking their nose is someone elses business or someone just showing genuine concern for someone elses business". wink