Fine, but remember you're critizing Belize from the country that won't even allow it's own citizens or politicians to air their opposition to the Iraq war without being labeled as traitors. But that's neither here nor there. Maybe what I'm trying to say, and it might be hard for people from the worlds number one world power to understand, is that countries want their own national sovereignty. Make their own decisions, right or wrong. Honestly or dishonestly. It would make sense for a Canadian to have a say in the Artic drilling debate, as it will affect their ecosystem. But do you think the US powers that be care about their opinions or how these decisions will affect these other people? And again, I know the horrors of the cruise ship industry. Like I said in another post, funeral services for tourism as we knew it will be announced shortly. You have no idea how badly the anti-dam contingant failed here because the foreign voices were much louder than the Belize voices. People naturally recoiled at a bigger power telling them what they should do again. Sort of like the same problems you have between the state and federal govt. Anyway, no more of this pls. This is a good platform for short replies to comments and questions, but not big things like this that have upteen elements to them. Come to round Table BBQ and we'll talk like people.

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