Interesting discussion db and maya. I think maya makes a wonderful point about Belizeans not wanting outsiders telling them what to do (which I think is something we can all relate to). It's an intesting issue because I know every Belizean I asked about the dam said they didn't want foreigners telling them what to do with their country. And they were so annoyed with the foreign anti-dam movement, that they didn't get invovled themselves. But I think part of the problem was that the foreign movement didn't address the concerns Belizeans had about the dam.

Anyway, I too am worried that a large foreign-led anti-cruise-ship movement in Belize would have the same results. However, as I said before, most Belizeans I talked to expressed concern over the cruise-ship industry. And I think learning from the history of cruise-ship tourism in other destinations and the negative impacts on the host country as a whole should be an important consideration for Belizeans.

I'm all for Belizeans making money if that's what they want, but I don't think cruise-ship tourism is the way to do that for the majority of Belizeans in the long run. Sure, a few will benefit a great deal initially, and some will benefit from more jobs and such, but in the long run, the negative consequences will far out weigh the benefits. At least that's what I believe.

Next time I'm in Belize, I would love to go to the BBQ. Wish I could be there every weekend!