We were on AC from Aug. 26 - Sept. 1. Had a fantastic time. We stayed at Mata Rocks, and I HIGHLY recommend this place. I loved it's small size and very friendly atmosphere. The bar was so much fun, and everyone who was staying there was awesome. We made some great friends! The Mata Colada and Pink Squirrels are really excellent fru fru drinks. Erika, the hotel manager, was top notch!

Caliente: EXCELLENT dinner. Bad lunch.
Stained Glass Pub: Best place we ate, hands down. Yummy!
Capricorn: Very nice, such a great, romantic setting. Food was very good. Biggest crab legs I've ever seen in my life.
Sweet Basil: VERY VERY good. Nice change of pace.
Hot dogs at Mata Rocks: very good!
Pepperoni's pizza (delivered): Very good! Just like home if you are craving good ole American junk food (and we were).
Jambel Jerk: Very good and a great value.
Estel's breakfast: YUM! Great Johnny Cakes.

We went to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley with Searious (Jeffrey, I believe), and that was an excellent trip. Had so much fun! The sharks freaked me out, so I wasn't in the water long. The boys loved it, though.

We played pool at some "interesting" establishments one night. I swear one place was a brothel. I can't remember where it was or what it was called. A little scary, though.

We rented a golf cart for a day. That was a blast even though our battery ran out three times on us (thanks, Monchos). We went all the way up to Journey's End and then walked up to SunDiver where we got married and visited the scene of the crime. It looked the same and brought back good memories.

We met Paisano. Man, he's got some interesting stories (if you can understand him -- it took all 4 of us to piece everything together). He's got a mind like a steel trap (either that or a really good imagination).

And that's about it! Lots of relaxing by the pool/ocean, reading, biking, drinking Belikins and various other libations, napping, etc.

It was our first trip away from our baby (almost 1 year old), and we just wanted my mom (who was babysitting) to bring her to us in AC so we didn't have to leave!

We'll be back!

OH! And how could I forget! We met up with Rick at Coconut's the first night we were there. My brother told me to go say "HI" for him because they used to work together (small world, eh?). Rick is such a great guy and had such a wealth of knowledge about the island for us to absorb. Thanks, Rick!