I'm a warden for the US Embassy and remember all the US citizens who had to be evacuated from the islands and coastline and sent inland. Some people never made it and were sleeping whereever they could, whereever it was safest. I walked into the Ambassadorial residence minutes after we got the all clear signal, expecting to see a mess where people had slept, ate and sheltered, only to find the place spotless and empty, generator running, a/c on high, food in the fridge, etc. But not a soul in sight that needed shelter and no questions about how other Americans had fared. So much for her team spirit. She didn't leave many fans behind. But the US Amb before Carolyn George Bruno, emailed from Little Rock ARK a few days ago. He's been a moving force behind the draft Wesley Clark for President. We know Wesley here when he ran Southern Command from Panama and he was well liked by all.

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