I don`t know how to being saying how helpless I feel not knowing how everyone affected with this ugly hurricane are doing?! How I wish to be there to be able to help. But if there is something I can do to help, I am here in Norway. I am Martha Iversen, now married and living in Norway. I am a San Pedrana, formally known as Martha Badillo, daughter to island residents,
Mr.Ramon Badillo and Ms. Martha I.Badillo.
The wellknown Badillo family is a" big one!" and almost all of them are still living in the island of San Pedro. If some one have any contact with the island please send my love to each and everyone of them and let them know that I will keep on trying to get in touch with them.
Take good care and We will be seeing in December.
Asta pronto, Martha & Jan Petter
[email protected]
-4766995739 tel.