I have seen many offers for people to come down there and volunteer to clean up and rebuild.I for one had tickets and planned to go down there prior to kieth.And now want nothing more than to pack tools and a tent and help in anyway I can. Just as many of the people wanting to help out I have enthusiasm, energy and skills that I think would be of great use and a shame to be wasted. It's been my experience that there are few harder workers than a volunteer worker.But it would be nice to have some sort of coordination or communication for these people.Maybe a place on this board they can post there availabilaty, willingness to work and things of that nature and a way to be contacted.I'm sure they will have money and what better tuorist than the one you make happy by asking them to rake sea grass or fix the air conitioner that got damaged.But I really don't want to be there unwanted.My tickets are for the 10th and want to help but will let them go and get new ones for later If thats better for the people there.