Hey Froggy,

All our snow is gone again. Seems to be one big magician's trick! Here one day (5-6 inches of snow) and gone tomorrow! Anyway, hope that your snow is also gone by now. Also, I watched with awe as your KC Chiefs carved up the Lions just as easily as Jambel's carved my Jerk Turkey on Thanksgiving! Can they take it all the way??? BTW, my sister and mother live within 10 miles of Arrowhead and couldn't care less! Anyway, our email is [email protected] We also have lots of pictures from the week and, hopefully, I can get them into one file to email, so post your email address too. Hacker and Henry Flo, I have your addresses, so we'll email some your way, too. Had an absolute great time over Thanksgiving week, only it was over much too fast. laugh

Have a great Holiday Season and a Safe New Year!