First of all, for those traveling on Continental to Belize between now and Feb, there is an embargo on excessive luggage. Each passenger is allowed two bags, not to exceed 62 linear inches, and weighing not more than 70 pounds. Baggage larger than 62 linear inches will not be allowed and even if you're willing to pay extra, they will not allow more than two 70 pound bags.

This leads me to my plea for help. I have been traveling to AC for the last few years and whenever I fly down, I bring extra suitcases full of used children's clothing that I purchased for several of my Belizean friends. I had planned on packing a big ass suitcase to the gills and paying the extra fee for oversize luggage just to bring these clothes down. After a conversation with the postal service, I found that it's going to cost me somewhere around $160 to ship it.

Is there anyone headed to AC soon that would be willing to take a box of clothing down with you? I would be willing to mail them to you and can make arrangements for someone to get them at the San Pedro airport so you won't have to schlep them around too much. I have two boxes that each weigh about 30 pounds. If anyone is willing to help me out, I'd sure appreciate it. There will be lots of very happy Belizean kids too.