Hi all. Traveling in February to AC for the first time. And really looking forward to getting away from NYC weather. We’re staying at Paradise Villas, which we’re told is walking distance to town. Since we'll be there for only 8 days, we need to make sure we make all our bad choices early on, so here's where we need some help.

Restaurants – had enough of NYC 5 stars. Looking for local fixings. Crowds no problem if the atmosphere is festive. Suggestions?
Bars - we’re two straight guys looking to kick back, drink a lot of rum, stumble back to base camp in the wee hours and greet the dawn asleep. Where to avoid?
Tourists – they hate us but they love us – as long as we don’t come by cruise ship. True?
Drinking water – bottled? How do they make the ice?
Drugs – I’ve heard “just say no” thanks and keep walking. True?
Tipping – what’s the truth? We don’t want to get rolled for giving 20% to a friendly waitress or for giving 5% to a sour barkeep.
Crime – as long as us two big bad city boys are together (I look more frightening if I take off my glasses) we shouldn’t have any problems as we stumbled back home. True?

Any help you can give is much appreciated. As are any suggestions on touring, fishing, snorkling or lazing.