bill b you are in for a great time ,I go down once a month to fish with my capt is bicho a nice guy ... food ,and I also have some favorites as you said you want local places ,heres the real deal what debbie said sounds like a good mix in am estelles opens at six get the capt jeff healthy start breakfast ,two fried jacks with mango jam a three egg ham and cheese omelet with hash brown potatos hot steamimg cups of cofee ,and great conversation from the owner charlie . rubbys for great cinnamon buns and fried jacks also opens at 6 I also have great lunch and evening places but not realy local hangouts more trendy,or tourist places like taste of thai land ,stained glss pub ,el divinos ,elvies ,just to name a few but the board will help you out they have a wealth of information and will share the ones they love with you the dream and enjoy

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