As I mentioned in my first post, I am coming to AC from 2/3-2/11 with my mother for the first time. She is coming for a conference, I am coming for relaxation and fun.

So it seems that San Pedro has a pretty happening night life, but I was wondering if there is much stratification in the bars and such. I guess what I mean is are there bars/ clubs for younger vs. older crowds? Are there places where locals frequent or avoid?

Just curious--I'm asking because I'm sure my mom and I will want to go out together and I want a place she will enjoy.

TIA! I appreciate all the responses to my previous thread.


P.S. One last question--is it safe for a woman to go out alone to clubs/ bars in the evening? My mother read in this silly guidebook that "single women should beware on AC" LOL! Thought I'd put her mind to rest.