During my 2 most recent visits to San Pedro (10 days in November and 10 days this month) I was blown away by the quality of food, excellent service, very moderate prices,and warm hospitality of a fairly new local place, Caramba's on Pescador St. Every dish is a masterpiece. They have only been open about 8 months, but they are not to be missed. As much as we wanted to try many places, my group and I ate there 4 nights out of 10 earlier this month.

Another new place that is doing a terrific job on everything on their menu is Stained Glass Pub on Barrier Reef Drive ( Front St). Jim and Marie opened in February of 2003. You should definitely have a lunch or dinner there. They are great. In addition, after much field research conducted by myself and two friends, they won the January award for the best Key Lime pie on the Caye.

I am going back to San Pedro on Jan. 30 for 10 days and cannot wait to darken their doorways again. There are so many great places on eat in San Pedro-It's hard to make a bad choice. Enjoy!