I'll agree. While we may be projecting or wishful thinking, You are at least partially correct. Does it have to do that Ambergris is an island and there is nowhere to go--the sit in one spot theory and the entire world will pass you by. One thing I've picked up in my travels is a greeting; IMAHO to engage a local like 'I need to...' without first saying hello is rude and I don't get as good 'service' or a satisfying interaction. For example, even asking for a table at a busy restuarant in U.S. I almost always say, 'Howyadoin'and I seem to get better responces. To me it's a Slowfood that is better for me on all levels. BTW just because others in U.S. avoid that doesn't mean we cannot say 'Hello in There.' Did you ever see the Dave Matthews video 'Everyday'? Where the goofy guy goes around hugging random people until he reaches critical mass and every one starts hugging each other. That could be you! Start a trend. Privete New Jersey joke. I did a little personal experiment in NJ for the holidays and often said 'Merry Christmas' 'or Happy Holidays.' the official Jerzee response is, 'You too.'