ok...here's a couple of ideas...i found on the site...

maybe to start with...for dinner??

Pier Lounge
Home of the famous Chicken Drop, an island tradition. Every Wednesday beginning at 6:00 pm the Pier Lounge sets up for the gaming event of the week. Just outside on the beach is a small fenced area with a grid of the numbers 1 - 100. A ticket is sold for each square and when all tickets are sold a chicken is released into the fenced area. The rest you can guess. Great fun for the whole family.


Wednesday night is Ladies Night at Dockside where you will find one of the most happening places on the island. Just take a walk down the beach after the Pier Lounge Chicken Drop and get ready for a mid-week party to spice up your night.


Fido's Courtyard
This is a very popular destination with tourists to the island and also home to live music almost every night of the week usually beginning at 8pm.

looks like we won't have any problem finding someplace to have fun!