I've been on Weight Watchers for about six months. During that time, we've taken three island vacations. Also during those vacation, I have completely ignored the fact that I am on WW. Ate whatever I wanted and drank the local beers. After each trip I had only gained about a pound. The secret seems to be walk, walk, walk. Early morning walks on the beach, walk to restaurants. Walk around the town you're visiting.

When we were in San Pedro in June (pre WW), we had great salads at the restaurant at the Sun Breeze Hotel, ??Blue Water Grill. (I've loaned all my books out.) Also, I'd bet you can get point friendly meals at the Thai restaurant. And grilled fish is available every where. I was pleasantly surprised to see that lots of restaurants serve baked potatoes. They can be point friendly if you don't put much butter and/or sour cream on them. Good variety of fruits for breakfast too.

A little less than three weeks until we're back in San Pedro, can't wait!!!! Jean