Hey, you guys are GREAT!! The photos were great klcman. Thanks for your info too, Barbara K!!

My daughters are making this trip VERY hard on me. They are great kids, but they are extreme sun worshipers!!
We had it out last night over a pool!!! I want to take them to a place that has some history and not just a beach and a pool area. My youngest (19) said..., "Mom I don't want to spend three days of my vacation in a tourist trap!!!" My response was, If you think that the Myans ruins or the coral reef are tourists traps - stay home!!!
So you see my problem, keeping them happy but making sure they experience more in life than a good tan! I want them to have the vacation of a lifetime!!! I shall prevail. I took them to Cabo San Lucas a year ago and they actually enjoyed dragging their sorry butts off the beach for a couple of days! I think (as much as I like the looks of Brianna's) if I elect to stay at a resort instead (with a pool and some activity) I may fair better when I request their presence on a couple of excursions. Usually, they are happy for the experience, but they love the beach scene - and Mom does not! Ahhh, to be young and oblivious! Any suggestions re: a active, nice resort close to SP?? I was looking at Ramons. Thanks again. Your knowledge is invaluable to me.
Originally posted by klcman:
Here's a pic I took last March //ambergriscaye.com/pages/photos/671.html

If I had kids, wanted them to experience the culture first hand, I don't think I would hesitate to book this. Sure beats the little lakeside cottages my parents took me to eons ago!

and some pics of the kids playing at Boca park, a short walk up the beach: