Marion Jones, the fastest woman athlete in the world and the winner of
three gold medals (and two bronze) at the Sydney Olympics has accepted
appointment to be Belize's Sports Ambassador at Large.

Marion was in Sydney, Australia when she received a surprise message
Prime Minister Said Musa, inviting her to become Belize's Ambassador at
Large and conferring on her the high honour of the Order of Belize.

Sports conscious Belizeans will be thrilled to learn that the star
of track & field will be coming to Belize sometime soon to accept the
award. She has sent a message to the people of Belize saying that they
constantly in her thoughts. She had heard about Hurricane Keith and
continues to keep herself informed of the evolving situation.

Marion's message to Belizeans states:

"My heart goes out to all the people of Belize who are suffering from
hurricane. You should know that people all over the world who don't even
know you are pulling for you and hoping and praying for your safety. You
are especially constantly in my thoughts and I look forward to being
you in the near future. God bless you all."