Good point JMHO, and well said.

The folks at Victoria House (Natalie and Oscar, who filled in for Javier who was out of town) really took the time to make our wedding special. All of this despite the fact that Victoria House wasn't supposed to be involved with the coordination in the first place.

They set up appointments for us with their florist, created an INCREDIBLE cake and bent over backwards in every detail to make sure we left happy and satisfied.

Kay Scott was also great, and fun, and incredibly professional. She took amazing photos and we absolutely loved her. In fact, her website photos don't do her pictures the amount of justice they deserve (things look much different on a screen than they do on paper).

Absolutely check with Javier or Natalie or Oscar at Victoria house if you plan on getting married. Not only do they return e-mails, you can talk and ask questions to a live person through their toll free number.

How's that for a positive glowing review? If you want to hear more good stuff about VH feel free to e-mail me and you'll get feel good stuff as well.