Captain Morgan's was perfect. i gave a little detail under the liquor distribution subject, but here's our experience. we were met at bc's bbq shortly by the cm's boat. while waiting for it having a beer, a guy named Luis, who was at the bar came over and introduced himself told us he works at cm's and bought our beer for us. we later learned he is the general manager. our first impressions was very good since he did not have to do this! the serivce at cm's is beyond compare- perfect! however, you do pay for this serivce and it can get expensive if you do everything through them. we had cold beer waiting for us and it was $30us, a fair price for it. labor on this little island is intense. booking trips through cm's is expensive. we booked direct through seaduced, just email them, and saved $50-60us, per person on the zoo/cave tubing trip. the trip was a blast. Louie plays at cm's 3 nights a week and he is a fun-loving hippie that's fun to listen to by the pool and bar. by the end of our visit, we knew the entire staff by name. they were all wonderful. we sould stay here again in a heartbeat. take a flashlight with you, so walking to the delicious restaurants at night is easier. there are several on the north end, some you can walk to and some further north require the ferry. cm's boats go back and forth to town all the time and it is eays to gt a ride south with them. you are always wecome to do this when they are going. capricorn is next door to cm's, a 5 minute walk, and it soooo good. it is very quiet and peaceful at this tropical paradise and we just loved it. adam, louie is quiet a character. we meet him our first night there and told him you said hi. he spoke very highly of you and gave us a little bit history on your stays at cm's---you lucky dog. he thought you would actually be there this time of year. so, if you are goign to cm's, want peace adn quiet and the action just up the water, you will love it. we only went into town one day for several hours, shopped, ate and did our sightseeing and did not feel the need to go back. Caye Caulker is also a good day trip mixed with snorkling. find a provate guide and you will love it. we did this with 2 natives and they were awesome! one final thing, when you get there and the taxi picks you up from the airstrip, have him take you by the grocery store and then go to cm's private dock. then your food shopping is done and you have it with you when you get to your villa. cm's will take it off the boat and right to your room. all you ahve to do is check in and get the key.