Originally posted by C from UK:
We are coming to AC at the end of the year and my husband is about to start tying some flies for Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon. He would just like to know if it is necessary to add weed guards to them for fishing AC. He is fishing with Capt.Bicho for a few days but would like to know if flyfishing the cut area would be any good and what he would be likely to catch from the beach there as that is where we are staying. Any tips or info would be greatly appreciated.
We've done well using Crazy Charlies, mostly white and with flashabou material. Micro jigs, 1/60 onces, with white marabou feather materials,work out well. Chartreuse, yellow, and hot pink can hit too sometimes. Clousers, and deceivers are good too at times. Of course every fisherman or fly-casters always find their own flies. Very-best-Wishes, Mel S......

Mel Sinderman