Actually, I'm not really sure about this one myself. I think what I'm going to do is add some simple monofilament guards in the shape of a V (40 lb test dia.)to act as a simple weed guard on about 25% of my Bonefish flies. Normally, I'd think it would be a problem if all your Charlies and Gotchas were tied with heavy lead eyes, as they will go deep into the Turtle grass, and fast too. However, since most people that I've talked to about AC and most articles that I've read have suggested light bead-chain, mono eye, or unweighted(because they're in thin water and spooky); I would assume that they're not going to go that deep into the grass to cause a problem. The other side of the coin though is that obviously there's a lot of grass near shore. From most of the article I've read, it is suggested that at least some of your flies are tied with weed guards. I'd actually like to hear someone else's opinion on this subject. I'm going to send my guide an e-mail and ask him what he thinks, as he ties his own flies for Bones. I'll post his reponse.