Absolutely LOVED Belizean Shores. laugh laugh laugh

Getting in to town is somewhat problematic...
The water taxi runs on the hour, both ways at night. During the day it runs IN on the even hours, and from town on the odd hours. You can get them to take you out of downtown on an off hour during the day if there are enough of you going to the same place, just ask. Cost is $5.00USD one way. So $20.00USD per couple round trip will almost justify cart rental. Be sure and check with Hatcher or the front desk, as they make trips and will haul you in for free.

Anyway- At night, the water taxi is a little scary as they don't use running lights (it was a new moon when we were there, I could barely see Orion there were so many stars).

We rented a golf cart and really didnít have too much trouble. I had driven the road a couple of times by the time it was dark so I was somewhat familiar. Also, if you grew up driving gravel roads, like I did, it's almost easier as you can see the spots to avoid since the headlights hit the road at an oblique angle. Ewwwww I just used oblique in a sentence.

If you do get a cart, run it around awhile before attempting the drive at night. Also, we had no rain so the road was in good? shape.