We arrived on the island, and immediately were impressed with the friendliness of the locals, the cleanliness of the stores and resorts, and the peaceful, relaxed feel of the whole town. We stayed at Caribe Island Resort on the south end, it was fantastic. Jules, and his entire staff, were wonderful. Albert, the bartender there enjoyed our India Arie cd, too. smile Alberto caught some fish and we had the chef at Caribe Island cook it up and it was served to us in our room with pasta and salad. YUM!! Talk about FRESH FISH! The band, FFTN, played at Fido's and Hammock House, and seemed to be well received by both the locals and tourists. Grant and Ebby at Fido's took good care of our boys and made them feel welcome and appreciated, and the food was incredible. Grant took us out snorkeling and we all had a blast swimming with sharks and sting rays and fish and coral. Barefoot Skinny at Hammock House was great, he helped us a lot. The food out there is awesome as well. But the bon fire on the beach with music was the best! We sold a lot of cd's and t-shirts, so they won't soon forget about our visit! The white coral sands and the clear blue waters were enough to make you want to move there. But, that wasn't all, the locals were so friendly, that we felt like we had made new lifelong friends. We will definitely be back soon. Armancia does the BEST hair braiding at Banyan Bay Resort. We are now looking into a time share so we can come back often. Thank you to the entire town for having such a charming and inviting place. We really enjoyed the golf cart experience and didn't miss cars or city traffic one bit. Parasailing (at Fido's) was another highlight, WOW, if you haven't done it, DO IT! And take a camera. The only thing we regret was not staying longer. We left with a long list of things we didn't have time to do and will definitely be back, for about a month next time, to check them off. AC ROCKS!! Our pics will soon be posted to www.fftnrocks.com , please come see! Thanks again from Christi, Steve and FFTN (Fallen From The Nest)!