We're considering a 10 day vacation to Belize in 2005. A large part of the fun I get out of any holiday is the planning and preparation stages. As we are locked into traveling during Spring Break because of our 17 y/o daughter, I wanted to get a jump on the plans for next year's trip. We have a 22 y/o daughter who will also be traveling with us. I guess we're lucky that the kids are still interested in hanging out with us (or maybe it's because we're paying...I dunno!?)Like so many others, I googled "Belize" and discovered this board, which in turn has been an immense help in convincing me we'd have an amazing family adventure....makin' memories for a lifetime...which is what it's all about, right?
Based in large part on input from this board, my current plan has us going to the Mopan River Resort for the first 3 nites and then to Banyan Bay for the remainder. While on AC, the girls and I will take our open water dives to complete our scuba certification (probably with Amigos del Mar). Apparently a day of fishing and snorkeling with Capt Bicho is a "must do" so we'll fit that in as well. If we can, I'd like to stay 1 nite on Caye Caulker or do an overnite sail / snorkel. But we can figure the minor details out later, only the big picture is important right now. Once we arrive, we're pretty much a "go-with-the-flow" family. Like the kids and I, my wife is game for anything. She is, however, not terribly comfortable in the water once it gets over her head.
She is also concerned about the kids and the fun they'll have. The appeal of this trip is that it is NOT a Dom Rep all inclusive "cookie-cutter" holiday. But there are things about all inclusives that the kids love like the all day sports activities and the all night dance party (the kids actually let Mom and Dad come and dance with them!) As this may well be the last family holiday with just the 4 of us, we want to make sure that Belize, and AC in particular, is suitable for all of us. If you can add your 2 cents (in our money that's $.10cdn.)or if someone has trip photos that include young adults... are there alot of young adults holidaying on AC, particularly in March?...is there an issue with 17 y/o's accompanied by their parents in the bars at nite?...whatever you think will help in our plans and decisions, will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time.