News sources out of Caye Caulker are drying up. Until BTL get a
salesperson out on Caye Caulker with those International Cell phones they
have that can communicate, we are still dead in the water for
communications with Caye Caulker. What is happening with BTL? They have
the International Cell phones capable of providing communications with
Caye Caulker and the outside world, but they are not out there with three
dozen and peddling them? This is an item the GOB need to urgently get on
top of?
The special International Cell Phones at BTL cost only $150, but the
boat trip costs $60 and the requirement of losing two days travel due to
the uncertain vagaries of catching CATCH & KILL type unscheduled boats,
to go to BTL on the mainland makes them sitting there in Belize City a
useless excercise in futility. They should get some people out there
with a supply of these special phones and sell them. Phone numbers at BTL are CEO =
32010, Sales = 77960.