We bought Caribe Island Management a little over 2 years ago. My husband lives there all year, and I go back and forth, usually a month in the US, a month in BZ. I won't lie to you, I hated Belize at first, and the thought of being there for more than a week at the time made me ill. (I was much more a Florida/Key West/Cancun kind of girl. But, it has grown on me. I have spent up to 6 weeks there, but I sure do love coming home to Dairy Queen, Wal-Mart and yes, Neiman Marcus!!
I did have a business in the US, but sold out some time back. I don't know if you know my history, but I owned a wonderful Cheerleading Company for years. When my son died 3 years ago, my life changed totally. My husband and I discovered Belize, and I wanted nothing more to do with cheering. But honestly, while doing business in the US is a pain (you all know about Cheerleading Moms!!), doing business in Belize is a REAL challenge. My family and friends tell me that I don't have to watch "Days of our Lives" or "Survivor"..... I live it!!