I don't post a lot so forgive me for getting excited. I'm a sub fanatic (hero's, hoagies, or submarines) and have been living here for three years without much to pick from. A year or so ago I ordered four sub sandwiches fron a certain restaurant north of the cut and had them delivered for myslef and some friends at the Coconet Internet Bar. As I recall, they were about $28 each and came on burger buns. They were good, no doubt about it, but they weren't subs and the price was ridiculous.

Since then I bring several sndwiches back from "Subways" when I go to Belize City and keep them in the refrigerator. Then Pauly's Pizza opened up and I would go there when I could, but I live on the other end of town.

Now D.D.'s Lunch Box is under new management and has changed it's name to "D.D.'s Lunch Box and Submarine Base". Aside from breakfasts and liquados, they feature submarine sandwiches. That's what I'm so excited about. The sandwiches are great and I recommend them to all. On Caribena Street between Barrier Reef Drive and the beach. Next to the Conch Shell and directly accross from the Caribena Street entrances to Lily's Hotel and the San Pedrano Hotel.