Board meambers,
First I want to thank you all for sharing all of you stories, I have become very fond of starting my mornings on this board. I am packing up to leave for the Belizean Shores on May 3 w/ my husband to celebrate our 10 yr. anniversary. We only have a week, my 2 children are staying home with gramma. I do have our trip booked with Capt. Bicho on the 7th, thanks to Goody, Jeff and all the others and the only real question I still have is... Did any one have trouble with bugs? I have 2 girlfriends who just got back from the mainland after a 10 day dive trip and they had been torn apart by sand fleas as well as other critters. I feel very prepared thanks to you all, since I'm an overpacker from way back. I've kept at one case so far! Thanks again for all the insight, I can hardly wait!! April In CA