...I am considering a trip to Ambergris Caye. I am so new to this idea that I can't help pronounce KAY and not KEY. I have read the board (made searches in attempt to ask what has been asked too many times before) and read my Lonely Planet book. I would be traveling alone (37 year old female) and from what I've read this isn't uncommon or a problem. Most of my trips to Negril have been alone and common sense prevails.

I've narrowed my hotel choices down to Coconuts, Banana Beach, and Mayan Princess. I do consider Ramon's from time to time. My budget is $100 per night, preferably lower.

My biggest concern is that I am not into diving or snorkeling. It seems the area clears out for excursions during the day. I am a teacher and this trip will be mid-August. It is my treat for getting through summer school and a break before the school year starts, so I tend to do a whole heap a nuttin'. I read, write, walk, swim, eat, like to meet other tourists and locals, and play dominoes in the shade. I can't be in the sun for tanning because I have Vitiligo. I don't want a hotel where I feel awkward when I eat alone. Some places have more couples and families than others. I also don't like to feel too isolated, especially since most of the tourists will be taking the first boat out to sea each morning. It makes me think I should be closer to the town of SP. I do like to treat myself to certain things: AC, cable TV, 'fridge or kitchen, sea view, and, most importantly, a great verandah!

I hope you can help point me in the right direction... I tried to give you a lot of info. about me since I've been on a regular on a Negril message board (I know Mikell from there) and have seen posts where people come asking, "Where is the best place to stay on the beach?" Many factors play into this choice.

One last note: My computer is in the shop so I may not be able to respond right away.

~ riz