Hi Riz: I too am traveling to SP by my lonesome at the end of May and again in September. No need to be worried about traveling alone. I was there in March with my sister and niece and half of the time I was out about town alone. Day and night. I felt SP was totally safe and never once did I feel differently. The locals are all very friendly and will help you out with anything you need. The tourists are just as friendly. And why not..we are all there to have a nice, relaxing time. I am staying at the Exotic Caye Beach Resort / Playador. It is close to town. I don't know much about the other resorts but these "boarders" certainly have a ton of experience and will not steer you wrong. You will definitely enjoy SP. I know I do. I've gotten the SP Bug. Went in March of this year, going back again in May for a long Memorial Week-end and then 8 days in September. I can't get enough!!!!

In any event, when you return make sure to post your trip report. We all love to hear about eachothers trips. We all get to live vicariously through the ones that return!!